Forty + years fast forward
I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1971. At age 22 while still in architecture school I won my first commission, Cuyo 2025 a private competition for a factory and office building. I was not only the architect but the builder as well. This process exposed me to the complexity of the construction world and pushed me to open my own design-build office.

After I finished school I was deeply immersed in the design universe rooted in the modern movement. I was invited to stay on as a Design professor, an activity that I both enjoyed and that enriched me. In the process I formed a partnership with two of my former professors who had been instrumental in exposing me to modern architecture as a student. We opened BBF (Balagna, Bobrowicki, and Fornari); we worked on several interesting projects and participated in design competitions, always experimenting with ideas, materials and construction methods.

In my desire to gain international experience in 2000, with only my portfolio under my arm, I moved to Washington DC, USA. Within 3 weeks of arrival I started working with Travis Price Architects. After a few years of learning new materials and construction methods, I became a partner and founder of Price Brake Construction, a construction company responsible for building our own designs. This was the only way to be design ambitious and be able to take risks in the very litigious American legal environment.

Over the years it proved to be a very successful model with several published, award winning projects and most importantly very happy clients.

In July 2010 with my pregnant wife Karin and my son Renzo we moved to Sydney, Australia, where I opened DB+ Balagna Architects, while still remaining involved with practice in Washington, DC.

I am happy to be back in the southern hemisphere where the seasons and the light are the same as in the place I grew up.

Diego Balagna 1971