My work looks for the balance between art and technology. In every project I seek to create unique architecture that fulfills the needs of the client and remains current through time. I strive to maximize the opportunity that the site has to offer and create a dialogue with the forces of Nature.

My design philosophy is rooted in the development of ideas that are powerful, distinctive and relevant to the specifics of both the program and the context. Each design is shaped by the characteristics of the site and not by the latest “design moves”.

My work is about experiencing spaces, being touched by the harmony of proportions, natural light, views and textures. NATURE is my biggest referent.

I believe in the seamless integration of design and construction either by being in charge of the construction or creating a symbiotic relation with the builder throughout the process. The transition from the conceptual design ideas to reality is when the "magic" happens and it is when the architect’s eye is most needed.

Architecture lost the link with the material world and has become only pretty paper drawings. Most Architects do not have control or knowledge of construction. Builders and engineers are now responsible for the construction, often leading into field design changes that compromise the integrity of the Architect’s design.

My work is based on a detail-oriented team process and almost daily site visits, having to think like an artist when designing and like an engineer when detailing. This gives me the opportunity to be more ambitious with the designs and experiment with new ideas and materials. It also translates into smart and constructive ideas reflected in the construction documents that in essence assure that the project is getting built as designed, makes the building process smoother and keeps it on schedule and budget.